Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking Inside Crap at My Parent's House

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The holiday dust has settled, New Year’s resolutions have been made and broken and all sane people have taken down their holiday light displays. So now the burning question creeps slowly back into our brains… why don’t we ever get what we want from Santa? Every year the clothes we get are a little ill fitting, the jewelry not exactly the kind we would have picked and the gadgets a lot more fun in concept than in reality. 

So to help ourselves realize that things could be much worse, we turn to the site that reminds us that these gestures from our loved ones might not be perfect, but their way better than the Crap at My Parent’s House. Visit the site for the first time and you’ll get lost for hours, sorting through photos of inexplicable objects that, astonishingly happen to actually reside in the collections of moms and dads around the world. 

The website’s stated goal is “to pay homage to all of the weird crap that everyone's parents have. Please help in this project by submitting anything you deem funny, weird, odd, unique, strange, absurd, ridiculous or just plain terrifying.” And many have. You’ll find creepy doll heads, scary clowns, Raffi posters and lots of hoarding.

And it looks like Crap at My Parent’s House might be the next S#*t My Dad Says. Fisher Brothers Media acquired the exclusive television and digital rights to the site just ten weeks after it launched and have plans of creating a reality TV show based on the site. 

So don’t let your mom throw out those broken Hummel statuettes or hand-embroidered Yanni pillows — they just may be your ticket to fame.

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