Thursday, January 13, 2011

Robocall for Rover

We checked our phone messages the other day and as one obvious robocall started to play, we tried to remember what local election we had forgotten. Instead the voice was making a very sad plea — a neighbor had lost her pet greyhound and this call was meant to spread the word. We’d seen some fliers on telephone poles on our street but hadn’t had the time to stop and check it out. Now we can keep an eye out for the runaway pup. Pretty ingenious, no?

So if your pet flies the coop, you can hire to spread the word to your neighbors. For $95 they’ll reach out to 500 local homes. Or if you’re willing to search more far afield, $895 will get you a 10,000-house reach.

If you don’t get a call but you happen upon a wayward pup, you can enter your zip code to search the database to see if one matching the description is listed. Contact numbers are provided so that you can call the owner directly and arrange to return the pooch safely to his home. isn’t the only canine search site. Others are springing up all over the Internet. is one. Their goal is “to create a virtual’ Vflyer so if your dog becomes MISSING, members click on your dogs MISSING Flyer,’ print it out themselves and help with the search instantly. Our goal is to build the largest online social network of dogs in the world by developing the most advanced creative communications network available.”

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