Monday, January 31, 2011

This Gorilla Walks Like a Man

Maybe we watched too many Planet of the Apes movies growing up, but we’ve always been of the firm belief that non-human primates could take over the world at any given moment. Every time we visit a zoo, we’re moved by the fact that the monkeys seem to be studying us just as closely we we’re observing them. And we were not the least bit surprised when Anderson Cooper covered Kanzi, the bonobo who can communicate through pictograms. 

But even we were blown away by this new gorilla miracle. Ambam is a silverback that lives in Britain's Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. But unlike his knuckle-walking counterparts, this gorilla has learned to saunter like a proper English gentleman. Scientists believe that he picked up on the concept of ambling upright by watching his keepers. Next thing you know he’ll be asking for a spot of afternoon tea.

Check out this footage of Ambam, and if you’re like us, you’ll picture him carrying a briefcase with a Mr. French-like bowler jauntily resting atop his big hairy head.

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