Monday, February 7, 2011

Ashley Spivey Dishes on Her Bachelor Exit


This season on The Bachelor the producers are not only pitting the girls against each other to win Brad Womack’s affections, they’re making them face their own fears. Take the recently rebuffed Bachelorette Ashley Spivey. On her one-on-one date with Brad, she was forced to sing “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal. Then on the dreaded two-on-one date with Ashley Hebert, she had to jump another personal hurdle and dance. In a recent conference call interview, Spivey talked about the awkward outing, what attracted her to Brad and her relationship with the other Ashley.

When Spivey learned the nature of her two-on-one date in Sin City, she had mixed emotions. “At first I was really excited because I wanted an adrenaline date from the very beginning of the season. So when they said Viva ELVIS, I knew it was a Cirque du Soleil show, I thought maybe we were going to do something with a trapeze or something like that. And I cannot tell you how crushed I was when we found out we were doing dancing, because I mean Ashley’s amazing at that, and I have no moves at all unless you put some alcohol in it and even those aren’t great. Those are just more me throwing my hair back and forth. So I was absolutely terrified of the whole dancing part but initially I was a little excited.”

Viewers may have noticed that Spivey didn’t look very excited when she took to the Cirque du Soleil stage. She admitted that she went into her two-on-one date with Brad and Hebert, feeling a little bit down. “I was defeated only because I think my issue even going into the show was I had always felt like I had to convince people to be in relationships with me… Or compete all the time with either other girls that they would interact with in bars or things like that and I just really did not want to do that again. And I really didn’t think I was going on the two-on-one date in Vegas…. So I was so surprised and it was more about defeating my own personal demons and the fact that I was going on a two-on-one with my best friend in the house… It was just an awful situation.”

Since the fateful date, she’s tried to figure out why Womack brought the two best friends on the outing. “To this day I am not really sure why he took Ashley and I because it was pretty well known that we were really good friends in the house. So I don't know if he wanted to split us up maybe because he didn’t want us focusing too much on the other one and not enough on him or what? I mean it’s still just a complete surprise to me. I was actually really looking forward to watching this episode because I hoped it would provide more insight into it.”

Spivey didn’t get her answers but she explained why she was so upset when Womack sent her home at the end of their two-on-one date. “I really thought that I would be there longer so… that just surprised me. And then I was just really upset that I wouldn’t have the chance to get to know him better… And then it was also equally I had just come out of a really bad relationship, or a stream of really bad relationships, and then here was another one that I kind of felt like I had failed in… So it was a combination of all those things that just really upset me.”

Spivey did get to leave on good terms with her buddy Hebert. “We got to hug before I walked away. So it wasn’t that I just kind of got up and left. We had talked before and, yes, we said that no matter what, we weren’t going to have any hard feelings or be upset at the other person. I mean it was just a horrible situation in that if we made it to the end we’d just invite the other person to our wedding and hopefully, they’d be happy for us.”

Still the two gal pals haven’t been able to speak since Spivey left Vegas. As much as she’d like to reach out to the other Ashley, she divulged, “I haven’t been able to just because of our contract but I hope we’re still friends because I think she’s one of those people that I’ll be best friends with for the rest of my life. As well as some of the other girls on the show.”

As for the hotly debated question of whether or not the runaway Bachelor is really ready for love this time around, Spivey remarked, “I think he’s being genuine… I think maybe through the therapy that he’s been through… And maybe from his previous season when he said he wasn’t opening up as much, I can see him really trying to do that on the other dates. That he’s giving everyone a fair shot and not necessarily trying to compare everyone to everyone else but really just enjoying his time and being in the moment with each girl when he has that one-on-one time with them.”

Unfortunately for Spivey, she didn’t feel that she got the benefit of that kind of quality time with Womack. “I would say though that there are a lot of girls that I feel like have been getting really good one-on-one time with him and that’s one thing I kind of didn’t feel like I had gotten by the time I left. Even though we had our one-on-one date I had only been on one other group date by the time I left and it was just really hard to get good time with him when there’s eight other girls there with you or you’re talking to Dr. Drew the whole other time… And I don't know, I can see where he definitely had deeper connections with other girls than me by the time I left the show.”

Spivey might not have found love with Brad, but these days she’s looking to the future, not the past. She revealed what’s next for her, “I’m nannying right now. I absolutely love it. But I’m also studying for the LSAT because I, eventually, would like to go to law school.”

Sounds like Brad let a good one get away.

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