Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Allen Haff Talks About Season Two of Auction Hunters

Photo Courtesy of Spike TV
When we were kids our parents took us to an auction in some picturesque town in Massachusetts. It was hot and we were in a quaint little barn. We remember being terrified to scratch our noses or wiggle in our seats out of fear of accidentally placing some bid that would take years to pay off with our measly allowances. Maybe that’s why we like watching Auction Hunters on TV. We can see all the fast paced action, without the risk of spontaneous over spending.

In fact around the same time we were having our tense auction experience, Allen Haff was growing up in Michigan having antiquing adventures of his own. In a recent exclusive interview he told us, “I have a family that was into resale. I joke that my father is a used car dealer… He does own a used car dealership. And my mother has been an antiques nut her whole life and has been a dealer. So I was the kid that got dragged around to weird estate sales, yard sales and things like that in Michigan. And so I learned from being around it. Unfortunately I learned all the chick stuff. I learned all about Depression Glass and antiques that go in your kitchen and vintage collectibles. Stuff that she liked and, of course, that’s what she bought. She bought what she knew.”

From there he paid his way through college with his skills and opened his own antique store in Houston, Texas when he was just 24 years old. The avid collector is now partnered with Ton Jones on the Spike TV series. This season the boys will be hitting the road, traveling to Florida, Texas, California, Chicago and Boston – not far from the scene of our original auction incident. As always, they’ll be trolling abandoned storage units searching for hidden treasures.

Among their finds will be a Winchester model 1912 shotgun valued at $1,500 and the exact scale remote control replica of a $3,000,000 luxury Viper Fan Jet plane valued at $11,500. Haff didn’t want to give anything away but he did reveal, “I’ll tell you right now I had my best day of auction buying — my best day, not necessarily my best unit. My best day of auction buying this season and I am telling you, by the time we cast out of this unit, if there’s not 25 grand, I’ll be shocked.”

We guess that’s why the guys are promising that this season they’ll be “making bigger bids, bigger finds and bigger pay days.” Season two of Auction Hunters premieres on April 5 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. Central on Spike TV. Get a sneak preview below.

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