Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week's Inspirational Pop Culture Moment

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An Olympic champion sees the impact, heavy metal stars rock out for Armenia and a celebrity chef stages a "Food Revolution." Here are this week's most inspirational pop culture moments.

Apolo Ohno Sees the Impact

Apolo Ohno, Olympic speed skater and "Dancing with the Stars" champion, has partnered with See Your Impact and is spreading the word about an organization that he says is "the future of philanthropy." 

So many people want to donate to worthy causes but oftentimes wonder if there money is going directly to help the people who need it. See Your Impact has an answer to that question. Simply go to their site, choose the cause you want to contribute to. Within two weeks you'll get an email describing exactly what good your money did with a photo of the person you helped. 100% of all donations is given to the chosen cause.

And you can give in very small amounts, so everyone can feel they made a contribution. $10 buys a mosquito net for a child in Sierra Leone, $12 supports a Brazilian youth in an apprentice training program and $20 provides a Braille kit to a blind student in India. 

Ohno told CNN that people should get involved with this organization because "this is an opportunity to see how they can actually help others who are in need on an instantaneous basis."

He added, "It has changed me to want to be more. It has inspired me to be a better person."

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