Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do You Have What it Takes to Enjoy Gilt Taste?

You have to be a hardcore foodie to appreciate Gilt Taste. The new website from former editor-in-chief of the defunct Gourmet magazine, Ruth Reichl is not for the faint of palate. The site is primarily a place where a connoisseur can find difficult to track down items in the categories of meat, seafood, cheese and dairy, pantry, sweets, produce and equipment.

Some of the more interesting items include D’Artagan Spanish Mangalica Ham with a carving stand for $549, a 14 oz. can of Black Winter Truffle Juice for $112 and Primizie Jumbo White Asparagus at $36 for two pounds.

If you wanted to pick up a box of John & Kira’s Chocolate Ladybugs, you’re out of luck. The boxes of nine sold out at the price of $29. So did both wheels of Murray’s Cheese (the Paglierina and Salva Cremasco) and the Cortez Mullet Company’s Salt-cured roe. 

If that all sounds like Greek to you, then you might feel like skipping Gilt Taste. But there is something there for people who are simply curious. Products aside, Reichl wanted to make it clear in her introductory letter to visitors that this isn’t just an online market, it’s a new Internet magazine. “We want to tell you the stories of the people who create them and inspire you with delicious new ways to use them.

To that end gourmands can delight in tales like Confessions of a Chocolate Hater and The Thrill of the Mushroom Hunt. We told you that you really had to be into eating to dig this site.

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