Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paris Hilton Returns to Reality TV on The World According to Paris

  Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

Paris Hilton makes her triumphant return to reality TV on Wednesday night with her new series The World According to Paris. This time she has her whole family in tow and she’s letting her true personality show through. At a recent press event Paris, her mother Kathy and series’ executive producer Arthur Smith talked about the new show.

Paris explained why she was ready to come back to television, “I had so much fun doing The Simple Life a few years ago. It was such a huge success, and I love my fans, and I love showing them my life. And I feel like before I would never have done a show like this five, ten years ago. I wasn't really comfortable with myself.

That’s why Hilton normally likes to keep to herself. Sure she’s pals with the paparazzi but she doesn’t lay it all out on the line like she used to — until now. She confessed, “I do like having my privacy… when I'm at home and we're not shooting the show, but that's what I love to do.”  

Executive producer Smith revealed that Paris will be allowing her fans into the hidden recesses of her glamorous life. He remarked, “It's so intimate. You really are going to be surprised. And she has been phenomenal, and Kathy as well, and… I can't believe what they're letting us show.”

He continued, “There's no format to the show. This is the real Paris. About a year ago when we first started talking… Paris told us what she wanted to do, and we were like, ‘Really?’ And so this show is an all access look at Paris. It's her real life. It's her relationship with her mom, Kathy, of course, and her friends, and people are going to be really, really surprised. I was surprised. I was surprised as to where we went, and we are all so energized by what happened. I think her friends are just going to be blown away, completely blown away.”

Kathy also acknowledged the spontaneous nature of the show. “It's not planned. It's just we move throughout the day, whatever is happening that day, and there's always surprises and excitement and drama and some laughter and some craziness. But why not share it with you instead of having it be reported on one of these shows that tweak (sic) it. We want you to see the real thing.” Her Twitter savvy daughter jumped in, “Tweak?” Kathy laughed, “Tweak. Tweet. I don't know.”

Paris was too shy to describe how the fans will be seeing her on the show, but Arthur and Kathy were happen to take a stab at it. Smith noted, “She’s really funny and likes to have a good time… you are going to be amazed.” Her mom added, “You're also going to see a young woman who is very relatable in the sense that she has feelings. She's going through ups and downs in relationships. She has a mother and a father that are very vocal to her regardless of what any of you think. She gets put over our knee once in a while. She tries to borrow my clothes and she gets in trouble. She's very sensitive. She's very, very thoughtful. She's kind. She's not a diva. And I was very impressed with her savvy of her little producer's hat, as I would call it… You're going to get to know all of us in a different way.”

Tune in to the series premiere of The World According to Paris on Wednesday, June 1 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. Central on Oxygen.

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