Monday, June 13, 2011

Little People in Big Food Is Enormously Fun

Photos by Christopher Boffoli

You know how hard it is to clean up a mustard stain? Now imagine you’re the size of a grain of rice and the stain is more like a river of the golden condiment… oh, and you’re mopping up the surface of a hot dog. That’s just one example of the brilliant photographs of little people with big food.

There’s a snowy winter wonderland of kids playing on top of a coconut cupcake. One vignette features miniature cyclists riding over corn on the cob hilltops. And yet another portrays little folks mowing their dried out kiwi skin lawns.

This is the latest installment in the little people photo art project. But this one takes the art form a step further than the originals because this series gives a seeming motivation to the action in each image. Why wouldn’t an overheated miniscule vacationer want to wade atop a scoop of frosty ice cream? Of course teeny-weeny workmen would jackhammer to remove giant seeds from slices of watermelon.

The works, created by Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli, just get better and better and better. Here’s a link to them all.

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