Monday, July 11, 2011

Travel Back in Time and Read the Civil War Newspaper Every Day

 Photo by Daniel Schwen


Do reports about the Casey Anthony murder trial get you down? Are you overwhelmed by the drama at the News of the World? If today’s papers are just too much for you to take, maybe you should turn back the time and check out The Civil War Today app instead.


Reenactors and news junkie alike will dig this high tech option to a very low tech period in time. As the iTunes preview for the product by A&E Television Networks Mobile and Bottle Rocket Apps explains fans can, “Experience the war as it unfolded, one day at a time, with daily updates that let you live the events in ‘real-time’ over the course of four years.”


The whole process started on April 12, 2011 and will play out every day through April 26, 2015. Not only can history buffs read unfolding “In the Headlines” events but they’ll be able to keep track of the casualty tallies for both the North and South, check out photos and quotes of the day and review authentic maps from key battlegrounds.


There’s also a daily quiz and the ability to send telegrams via Morse code for those diehards who want to get a little more hands on in the thick of things.


The app costs $7.99 and has a four and a half star rating from users. Download it for your iPad at iTunes now.


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