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Jake Pavelka on Vienna, Gia and His Choice for the Next Bachelor

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Hold on to your hats Bachelor fans. The new season of Bachelor Pad starts tonight and it promises to be a doosey. An intriguing cast of characters including Michelle Money, Justin "Rated R" Rego and Erica Rose (yes, the tiara girl) pales in comparison to the news that both Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi will also be contestants. And the fact that they have not seen each other since that fateful Chris Harrison post break-up interview last summer, only gives it that much more train wreck potential. In a recent conference call interview, Jake talked about why he did the show, what he'd do with the money if he wins and who he thinks should be the next Bachelor.

On Signing Up for Bachelor Pad to See Vienna
"I knew that she was going to be on there, absolutely knew. I think she started Twittering about being on the Bachelor Pad in February… It was a big motivator. The point of me going on was because she was on… We started the conversation about a year ago that we didn’t get to finish, I reached out to her several times throughout the year. She wouldn’t take my calls, wouldn’t see me, wouldn’t want to talk about it. And so this was my opportunity to get back in front of her and finish that conversation, get closure for myself, offer her closure and definitely finish that conversation for America."

On Trying to Win $250,000
"First off, it’s no secret, I didn’t go there to win $250,000, I went there to have a conversation with her but I also competed like a bad ass… They haven’t determined the winner yet and if it does fall in that direction, every penny of the $250,000 is going to go to charity... A couple of weeks ago, I was flying in Springfield with the airline and we flew over Joplin... I thought I had problems in my life. When I looked down, we were just a couple of thousand feet out, and it was unbelievable to see what happened to that city. And it just miniscules anything that was going on in my life and I realize that I might have an opportunity to win a couple of hundred thousand dollars and that could be life changing for some people there."

On What Viewers Will Learn About Him from Bachelor Pad
"Probably my competitive side, I don’t know that I came across as a being a real competitor on The Bachelor, maybe, a little bit on Dancing with the Stars, but I’m a born competitor."

On His Biggest Competition in Challenges
"There was one guy that was a really good competitor and that is Mike Stagliano, but I knew whilst coming into it that that guy is an athlete… It’s all about challenges, mental games. That Mike is smart, he is an athlete and he is the one that I was most worried about during competition."

On His Friendship with Gia
"I love Gia, she is such a great friend. Gia and I are close to best friends… There is a pretty dynamic friendship on the show and I think that will be interesting to watch… We’ve been friends ever since The Bachelor ended… It was really great to see her."

On the Other Players' Reaction to Him
"The trend of the show from the opening clips when I walk in the door, it’s very cold, very, very cold. I’m not going to lie… The entire experience was really tough. It was really, really tough… I got out of that limo knowing that’s how it was going to be. So I tried to mentally prepare for a cold welcome but I knew that if I was just myself I didn’t have to tell anybody anything. I wanted to show them that I can possibly turn it around."

On Doing Bachelor Pad Again
"I think people are fools when they say never but I don’t think so. Can’t say never but that’s a tough show… It’s a tough way to meet somebody, because there is $250,000 on the line but on the flip side… in order to win that $250,000 is a lot of manipulation, it’s a lot of backstabbing. You just have to work your way through problems and strategize, and sometimes it winds up hurting other people. That does not feel good to me, that’s not who I am. And so really going to get down to it, there is no amount of money – especially $250,000, it’s just not enough money."

On Who He Thinks Should be the Next Bachelor
"They got a couple of good choices. I think the guys that seem to have a really successful seasons on The Bachelor, are the guys that are vulnerable and will talk about their feelings, been raised in way they are comfortable with women, opening themselves up a little bit. Because that allows Americans to follow how the guy is feeling and I think probably the guy that his heart is probably in the right place and ready to fall in love and really make a go of a fruitful relationship will be Ryan. So I hope it’s Ryan."

On Getting Time Off from Flying to Do Reality Shows
"I’ve been flying with the same airline for 12 years, and I’m not the most senior guy there but, I’m not real junior either.  And I didn’t, this time, actually have to take a leave of absence. I was able to move switch around, I flew right up to the time we started production and then the day after we rapped production, I went right back into flying, I actually flew a full day in Atlanta… Some kids want to be fireman, a policeman, I aspire to be a trust fund baby. No, I have always been really good with my money. I have owned certain companies, have been involved in real estate and delivery services and stuff like that. So you just save, you save for times of excitement, down times as well. And so I have always been real good with my money… "It cost me several thousands dollars to do this show but my break up with Vienna was a life changing event for me and it was time for closure."

On Acting Under the Name Jake Landrum
"Acting is fun. It’s a good thing. I still study occasionally out here and go on auditions but, now I’m Jake Pavelka. That name came up in 1996, I had a manager and she was afraid of the last name Pavelka [that] I would only be cast in foreign films. So she insisted I change my last name. I guess Landrum is the best we could do."

Watch Bachelor Pad on Monday nights beginning tonight at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. Central on ABC.

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