Friday, August 26, 2011

This Week's Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

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A comedy legend adopts a furry friend, a big time producer still feels the passion and a TV institution gives back. Here are this week's most inspirational moments in pop culture.

Whoopi Adopts Cat Tossed Onto Bridge

Last month a tiny kitten was thrown out a moving van on the Verrazano Bridge in New York City. Luckily for the baby cat, Brendon Ocasio, an animal control officer, witnessed the horrible crime and scooped up the feline.

A few days later the cat, named Verrazano, made his TV debut on "The View" to tell his harrowing tale and try to find a new home. Apparently the show's co-host Whoopi Goldberg was smitten with the cat, because she announced this week, that she adopted him.

She posted a video of the six-month-old kitty on her Facebook page sand wrote, "I was finally able to take him home. His nickname is 'Vinny.' She did admit to one small problem with the new addition to the family — her current cat Oliver. " [He's] not too happy but Vinny is having the time of his life. I think he'll get Oliver to come around sooner than later."

The footage shows Vinny alternating between licking his paws and chasing a feather toy. We're guessing Whoppi will have more Vinny stories to tell when "The View" returns to ABC this fall.

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