Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week's Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

Photo by Trae Patton/NBC 

A group of reality competitors inspire the nation, some women celebrities do good and a tennis champ gives back to kids. Here's this week's most inspirational moments in pop culture.

Silhouettes Stunned on America’s Got Talent

They didn’t take home the top prize on America’s Got Talent but the unique dance troupe The Silhouettes should certainly feel like winners. Comprised of a group of youth from Colorado between the ages of three and 19, the act incorporates ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop dance and melds it with tumbling. Their shadows are projected on a giant scrim and the results are stunning. They’re also quiet emotional — paying tribute to everything from the United States of America to the power of belief.

As the official AGT website explains, “The Silhouettes' goal is to inspire audiences of all ages and create an endless adventure that moves audiences and promotes awareness for homeless children across America.” And that’s why they came in second to car washer-turned-million-dollar-singer, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

In a recent conference call interview the group’s director Lynn Patton talked about what the experience has been like for the members of Silhouettes. “Well it's actually still a dream. None of us, the children or the parents — can believe that we're in the top four. And it's a gift and we hope to continue this dream. We don't want to wake up.”

Patton described the ethereal element of their work, which makes the act inspiring to everyone who sees it. She remarked, “It's not reality. It allows the audience member to envision what they want. It's like reading a book. You're given a description of what the characters are. But the reader of the book gets to decide exactly what that character looks like. And that's what's wonderful… is that we can give an illusion that the audience can participate in what the reality in their mind is which involves them.”

And being on America’s Got Talent has afforded the opportunity go grow. Patton revealed, “It's just a great experience for us to find out how hard can we push ourselves. And for these children to be under this incredible pressure but still be laughing and loving every moment and loving not only the acts that are in the final four but all of the other acts that have been with us in the talent tent and we've got to know along this journey.”

So regardless of how nervous we are this is a gift and we are so grateful for this gift. And we're going to enjoy every moment.

To learn more about Silhouettes visit their website.

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