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This Week's Most Inspirational Moments in Pop Culture

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A pop star shows his charitable side, a TV chef chooses family first and a young girl dances against all odds. Here are this week’s most inspirational moments in pop culture.

Justin Bieber Gives Back
Justin Bieber has been hitting the talk show circuit hard this week promoting his new album "Under the Mistletoe." And while the Biebs has shot to stardom in just two short years, he has not forgotten his humble beginnings and is making sure to give back.
On a recent stop at  "Ellen," he and the talk show host reminisced about a previous visit she had with the singer when he had given Ellen a lock of hair. She informed him that she was able to auction off the locks for $40,000, which she donated to charity.

Justin also talked to Ellen about a non-profit he recently started called The Believe Charity Drive. The foundation donates money to various places such as Make A Wish and Pencils of Promise. One of the organizations receiving funds from Believe is Housing of Blessing a food bank that Justin's own family used to frequent when they were in need before he hit it big. Bieber stated, "Being able to help them out feels amazing."

After hearing about this, Ellen revisited a place that she was able to help out with her SwagginWagon — the Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada. A large portion of the students are homeless and the principal, Sherrie Gahn, gives her own money to buy back packs and other items for the students. Ellen had her on the show in September and gave her a check from Target for $100,000.  

When the 17-year-old singer heard the story, he told Ellen he had an idea. "I promise I'm going to talk to some of my friends and I want to match that $100,000." And that's not all, "One more thing. In December since I'm putting out a Christmas album, what better than to come to your school and perform for you guys some acoustic songs." The excited school kids were with Gahn live via satellite as the singer announced the gift.
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