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Sunny Sinclair Talks About Her Biggest Loser Makeover

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During week eleven of The Biggest Loser Sunny Sinclair became the latest eliminated contestant. And while it was hard to be the fifth to last player sent home, therefore just missing being in the final four, Sinclair did get to partake in Makeover Week, a highly anticipated Biggest Loser epsidoe.

Sunny, Vinny, Becky, Antone and John were all given the Hollywood treatment including a $5,000 check, a shopping spree with fashion expert Jeannie Mai and a visit with hairstylist to the stars Ken Paves. The entire extravaganza was sponsored by a well known soup company. In a recent conference call interview Sunny declared, "I tell you what. Progresso is a delicious soup. And like I said [on the show], I certainly love soup and money."

She said dhe got some great tips from Jeannie, including "how to select clothes for my body type." She continued, "She brought out the shopper in me because I love shopping now. My husband doesn’t love it quite as much as I do. He wishes I’d quit. But I love going clothes shopping."

She added, "When you're out there at the ranch, you're wearing The Biggest Loser t-shirt and those stretchy pants and you don’t think about fashion. And then here comes Makeover Week and you're like, 'Okay. I think I like fashion now that I’ve got a new body.' So seeing myself in a different way and a more feminine way was exciting and fun. [And] obviously to get to see your family was as big of a prize for me as anything else on Makeover Week, so it was nice to see my husband."

She discussed the kinds of clothes that she now wears that were not in her wardrobe before the show. "I love wearing a cute pair of jeans and some wedges that are a little higher heel. I’m amazed whenever I go try on clothes and I put in a medium shirt and it’s a little too big… It’s nice to be able to go out and shop at any place I want to shop and find things that fit me and just get it off the rack and I don’t even have to try it on."

That's a far cry from the days when she would shop in men's departments just to find a shirt that would fit. "To go from that to shopping anywhere I want, oh my gosh! It’s just the best feeling in the world. And I know it seems kind of trivial and your health and having this healthy lifestyle is so important just to live longer… but buying clothes is also a real good thing. I love it. Of course, my husband’s like, 'What’d you buy today?'"

She also no longer avoids mirrors and has come to grips with her previosuly distorted body image. She stated, "The funny thing is when I see pictures of myself from before the ranch, I cannot hardly believe it. I look at that person and I just think, 'I was in complete denial.'"

In fact, she confessed, she used to tell herself she hid her weight well.. She confessed, "I was really, really overweight, but I talked myself into thinking that I didn’t look too bad and I looked horrible… I knew I was in horrible shape and I knew I was morbidly obese, but when you're that overweight, you live a little bit in denial and you don’t want to really know how bad you look."

She continued, "That’s one thing when you're really overweight, you don’t like to see pictures of yourself, because then you really see what you look like and that’s tough. And so now to be able to look in the mirror, I’m a totally different person, and it’s funny because I can see the person that I used to be before I gained the weight, and I almost feel like that I was never that overweight person. I feel like I’ve just been on hiatus for 16 years and now I’m back. And so it feels good to have lost the weight and be that person again, where I’m thin and healthy and I look good, and I feel good about myself."

Watch Sinclair compete in the The Biggest Loser marathon on Tuesday, December 6 at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. Central on NBC.

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