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The Bachelor's Monica Spannbauer Dishes on the Other Girls

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On the first night of this season of The Bachelor, it seemed like Monica Spannbauer might be the girl named "Most Likely to Cause Trouble in the House." After all she got into a heated fight with blogger Jenna over whether she had feelings for Ben and spent most of the night canoodling with Blakely on the couch. But as the weeks went on Monica retreated and seemed to become almost the voice of reason with the other girls often breaking up fights or providing an ear for a jealous player. In a recent conference call interview Monica gave us her thoughts on some of the other women on The Bachelor.

On Her Fight With Jenna

"The whole thing was really ridiculous. It was over the stupidest thing, a complete misunderstanding. After five hours of being questioned about it that’s where everybody saw me get belligerent. I was over it. There was this huge misunderstanding. And the next day, she came to me and apologized. And I said, 'That’s really big of you, because I was just going to push it right into the carpet.' And we were fine. We were fine ever since then. It was not a big deal at all."

On Cuddling with Blakeley
"So you ride to the house, to the mansion, in a limo with five other ladies or four other ladies, there’s five total.  And Blakeley and I just hit it off. They were much younger than me. And we were close in age and we just hit it off as friends. She was funny. We laughed. When you get out of that limo you’re nervous as can be. And I obviously forgot my lines. And you walk into the lion’s den, so I’ll call it, and it was nice to have somebody on your arm like a friend going somewhere with you. And that’s what it felt like with Blakeley. I liked her a lot. I think she’s a really nice girl. She’s very nervous.  So as far as did that really happen, yes. Was it under the context of me being bisexual or into her? Absolutely not… I was aware of the cameras and aware that anything was happening around me, but not really aware that they can hear me whispering. And I wasn’t trying to get her number to be her girlfriend. We’re not supposed to talk to each other. So it was trying to break the rules by saying, 'Look, if all we got out of this, if we go home tonight and all I did is make a new friend, then this is awesome.'"

On Courtney Not Being Right for Ben
"I absolutely think she’s wrong for Ben. But the more I watch the show, because obviously I don’t get to see everything that happens, they possibly deserve each other… Courtney’s not very nice. She kind of deserves everything that’s coming towards her. She is somebody different around us women and somebody different around a man. And she is really manipulative. And really good at what she does. Obviously that’s the kind of girl that Ben is looking for at least to this point. If they end up together they deserve each other because if he’s that shallow and she’s that manipulative, then they totally work together."

On Courtney During the Group Date
"When I see Ben’s reaction with Courtney, I’m dead shocked. I knew he liked her. But when they went on the group date, she came back with a rose. And everybody was a 100 percent convinced that Courtney was going to shoot herself in the foot because she doesn’t do well with us. And she’s obviously a very great actress or a manipulative person with Ben. We all thought she manipulated him and he gave her the rose, which I thought was the worst decision ever. And it really put everybody on edge. They were absolutely beside themselves in tears going, 'If this is the kind of girl he wants, I don’t know if I should be even be here."

On Hoping Ben Doesn’t Pick Kacie B.
"Going through the process, I found a very close relationship with Kacie B. I see myself in her. She’s nine years younger. She’s the sweetest, most adorable thing. What you see is what you get, honestly. I really saw a very genuine real side of Ben while filming all of this. And I thought, hands down team Kacie B., like what am I doing here? That’s why I was glad I left. I felt like I was going to date her boyfriend and I couldn’t do that. So watching the show now though I really hope he doesn’t take Kacie. I really don’t because I don’t think he’s deserving of what a kind, beautiful person she is. I don’t think it’s fair. I think he’ll break her heart. And to be honest with you, if you did take her and there in that blissful state of this new relationship and they’re having to watch this awfulness, that’s detrimental to a relationship. And if it’s Courtney, she obviously can just [scuff] it off and say, 'Winning.' So that’s why you hear a little bit bitterness for me. I didn’t see this side of Ben and it’s very disappointing because I do feel like he’s genuine and a real person. But the choices he’s making, it’s purely being a man and being manipulated."

On Ben Keeping Emily This Week
"She’s a great girl. I don’t think everybody gets to see the actual depths of Emily. She is funny. And she’s pretty and she’s smart and she’s quirky. And she’s just an all around great girl. So I never thought he was sending her home. And I didn’t realize she was so worried. I actually broke up the fight between her and Courtney. And I said, 'You’re not doing this.' You are not going to sit here in a yelling match with this girl when she’s, like she said, verbally assaulting her. I felt bad that Emily had so much anxiety. But I never thought she was going home, not at all."

On Shawntel's Return
"I’ve never seen the show. So when Shawntel walked in, the girls hands down were upset. That was not produced. That was not edited. They were livid. And I didn’t understand why because I don’t know this girl. I had no opinion either way. I don’t think it’s fair that she came in midway. I don’t because I feel like you start this process. It’s very long. It’s very daunting. And so you all should start from day one. So that I do agree, it’s not fair. But Courtney… I sat right next to her in the Rose Ceremony. And she came up to me and said, 'If he keeps that you-know-what, I’m leaving.' And she obviously said it on the show. When she went up to accept her rose she told us or she told me that she was going to tell him that. And if she was going to say, 'I’ll accept this rose but if you keep her, I’m leaving.' And she didn’t say that. She just said that it was kind of weird or whatever."

"It seems like Shawntel and Ben had been talking that they had some kind of relationship. And I think maybe he did want to keep her. Because he sent Jacqueline and Ericka home in the same sentence which was weird. But it was the moment when I realized he cared enough to continue the relationships with the girls he had met. And he didn’t think it was fair. So I took that as a very bold statement. And maybe he let himself down, maybe he could have kept her and saw something come from it. But I think he was very concerned about how it would make the rest of us feel, especially Courtney. So, yes, I think he did that for everyone else and not himself."

On Her Choice for Frontrunner
"I think for sure Nicki. I think hands down, Nicki is a beautiful individual. She’s got a heart of gold. I do think she’s very emotionally invested in this, obviously. And as well Kacie B. and Emily. So I felt like the three of them at the point when I was there, they would have been great matches for him. But those are probably the only three that I can pick out that for sure, I can actually see Ben with."

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