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Gordana Gehlhausen on Her Reason to Sign-Up for Project Runway: All Stars

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When Gordana Gehlhausen made her first run at the top prize on Project Runway, she came in fourth place to Irina Shabayeva. In a recent exclusive interview the Yugoslavian born designer explained why she decided to give it another go on Project Runway: All Stars.

Gordana confessed, “I wanted to return because I felt that that season I was a little bit robbed, because there was a situation between Bravo and Lifetime in my season. That’s exactly when Lifetime had taken over the show from Bravo. And even if I made it to fourth place I was really hoping to have the opportunity to create a line and show at [New York Fashion Week in] Bryant Park even if it wasn’t televised. But see I didn’t have the opportunity because of the switch in the networks.”

She continued, “So when that opportunity came for All Stars, obviously I’m pretty successful in my business, in my private life so I gained confidence, too. So I was actually thinking I would make it farther than I did.”

Plus Gordana acknowledged that there was a financial incentive involved. “Another reason is we were paid for our time, which is really nice. Where in the original Project Runway we were not.”

Gordana seemed to have been positively affected by her first stint on the show. She discussed the personal evolution she experienced during season six. “What I learned was to trust myself and have confidence because it really comes down to how you are raised. And being raised in a socialist country, what happens is you are never really encouraged to do something. You are always criticized. It doesn’t matter what you do, there are always ways to improve it or do it better. And I’m really scared of being criticized and always scared that I’m not good enough.”

The 47-year-old, who now lives in San Diego, California, added, “Being on the first run of Project Runway, I gained a confidence that, ‘Wait a minute, so I didn’t go to school for fashion design but I have a talent.’ And I compared myself to the people who did go to school. And I realized that I’m good. And the second time around I knew that I was good but I was just like, ‘It’s a matter of taste.’ And I was more fine to get the criticism. If the judge’s didn’t like it, it didn’t affect me as much. I was more like, ‘Oh, okay. Whatever.’ I was more at ease with myself with that.”

Over time she’s also seen changes in her work. “Any designer who is in that for life, they’re always evolving. In my situation, because I work so much with clients and I have my own boutique, and I’m actually opening another one in L.A., it’s a give and take situation. You are seeing what it is that people are drawn to and you put your twist on it. And, of course, you are changing with the times, with the fashion and you are always evolving in it.”

Watch the competition unfold on Project Runway: AllStars every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. Central on Lifetime.

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