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The Biggest Loser's Daphne Dortch Feels Like Dorothy from Oz

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Daphne Dortch and her brother Adrian were doomed from day one on the ranch on The Biggest Loser. They lost the very first challenge and were sent home without even unpacking their bags. When they were allowed to return to the game a month later, the other players did not exactly welcome them with open arms. They were both voted out at the first possible opportunity. But despite the difficulties placed in her path, Daphne had plenty of positive things to say about her Biggest Loser experience in a recent conference call interview.

She did admit to being thrown by all of the drama saying, "Never in a million years did I envision my experience would be what it was. I had watched previous seasons but it seemed like every time I turned on the TV I was watching people just being weighed in. I had no clue about the game that everyone was playing."

Before signing up for the show, Daphne's health problems were so serious she moved in with her mother. She had been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea and was afraid to sleep without someone nearby to care for her in case her heart failed. She did not join The Biggest Loser to win the prize. She went on the show to gain her independence. "I didn’t care about the money. I didn’t care about the game. I just felt like every day was like I was taking a chance and I felt like I was dying. And I just want to save my life so I could be around for my kids… I just wanted to get healthy so I could stop living with this deep worry of, 'Is today going to be my last day?'"

She continued, "For god’s sake, I’m 37 years old, I was at home living with my parents. Not because I didn’t have money, not because I couldn’t live on my own. But I feared. I was living in fear every day. I thought every day that I was going to die."

And so in spite of all the drama and only being on the ranch for a few short weeks, she credits the show with saving her life. "Losing this weight, I’ve already won The Biggest Loser because I’m in my own place now. I don’t need to have someone here in order for me to go to sleep. I can sleep easier now at night knowing that I’m not going to wake up in afib. So this is the best prize in the world to me."

She also gained something else from the journey. She and her brother Adrian did not have a strong connection before appearing on the show. Now she says that has all changed. "Me and my brother we're so close now. We talk every day. We share very deep personal issues with each other… We were in this house together and no one really took to us and all we had was each other. So it definitely made us stronger. That’s all we had was each other. So our relationship has grown so much from this experience."

Daphne also shared her biggest lesson from being on the show, "The most important thing that I’ve learned is that you don’t need to go to The Biggest Loser to lose weight. When I was sent home, I said to myself, 'Wow, they really think I’m going to lose weight? I’ve been overweight my whole life. What makes them think that I’m going to lose weight now?'… But I went home. I was determined. With the help of my family and my brother, we pushed each other. I was able to do it. And when I came back and I weighed in and I’ve lost 26 pounds, I felt like Dorothy. I felt like Dorothy. I felt like it was in me all along. I just had to do it. So it was amazing feeling."

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1 comment:

  1. wow Daphne I really admire you and how you got it with those people's tricks and lies every step of the way and how you defended your brother after his very unfair elimination and had the courage to tell it like it was.

    I love how you love your kids and I so enjoyed every minute of watching you get your revenge as everyone was upset with the shakeup and you certainly revenge on all of them especially the two worst..and liked your determination in seizing your moment to eat all those candies (and so quick) and do what would upset that women and her brother as they had upset you and your brother.

    I really admired Adrian so much and thought him right to tell it like it was. That those two men on his teem were a youth pastor and pastor who cared more about that 2 pounds than brotherly love and did not care that people of their church were watching to see how poor an example of the teachings of Jesus they were showed their lack of character. and having a good character can be one of our most prized possessions.

    That Buddy said he would sleep fine and how those women kept telling him to shut up galled me (I am white btw) omg they were horrid women and people except for poor Santa/Roy who they also were very unfair to him..the way he turned the other cheek and showed humility when they slapped him at elimination was courageous and is not something you see everyday and made him such a wonderful role model to children--rooting for Santa.

    Maybe between your brother speaking the truth tio those sickening people and Santa being kind to them when they slammed him unfairly in their obviously pre-rehearsed agreement as to them voting him out and what they would say so it did not appear personal to the less smart viewer, they will hopefully one day see how their actions were very unkind.

    I think Santa the only one your brother felt was nice to him understood that looking like Santa, some kids would think he was and he must be a role model and he had a good character. I know he,too, can be very proud of himself.

    We can be sure condi was behind everyone deliberately gaining weight in order to get you out.

    that she had the nerve to say she was a good role model to her child was shocking. It must have been very hard to hold your tongue.

    I think your brother seems like a wonderful fathe and husband and you both have a lot to be proud of. I thought all along you were a beatiful lady with striking features and with your weight loss even more so. I am happy your medical issues are getting better.

    I wish I could do this as I have a lot of health problems that weight loss could help but I have been this way for so long..I know that sounds like excuses but as I watch the show it gets me thinking..like I am like that one lady with compassion and time for everyone but me and I am starting to see I need to give to myself as much as I do others and that is ok..that does not mean I am selfish even though it feels that way.

    I have been told I have a heart of gold and am so kind by hundreds of people but I tend to neglect myself in some ways and that needs to change I think..as being older, my life is at risk if I can not get my diabetes better etc.

    anyhow continued success and your family and Santa were some of the best people this season and now there is pretty much noone to vote for or admire left.