Thursday, May 10, 2012

Make Fido Famous with Best Welcome Home Ever

Everybody wants their 15-minutes of fame. And if they don’t have the talent or the personality to be in the spotlight themselves, they enter their kid into a beauty pageant or talent competition. But what about those of us who don’t have kids to fulfill our fantasies of superstardom? Well now we have the answer. Why not make your pet the next big thing since liver flavored toothpaste? is sponsoring the "Best Welcome Home Ever" campaign. Simply capture your pooch on camera greeting you in the most hilarious or tear-jerking way humanly, or caninely, possible and enter the video in the competition. The YouTube campaign is giving pet owners the chance to show off the "silly, crazy and overwhelmingly loving ways their pets welcome them when they arrive home."

Does Fluffy go ballistic when you walk through the door? Does Rover greet you in the driveway with his tug of war toy at the ready? Get it on film and enter the contest now. The best entries may just end up in an public service announcement to create awareness of the animal rescue site and increase pet adoptions.

In a recent press release, David Meyer, co-founder of said, “Whether you’ve returned from a long day at work or just a short trip to the supermarket, the sheer joy that a pet gives his or her owner when they walk back through the door is just so affirming. We hope that others find inspiration in these greetings and will look to their local shelter or rescue group to adopt their own furry welcoming committee into their lives."

Now's your chance to save the lives of an animal and be greeted with unconditional love on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want that? Use your pet's crazy behavior to inspire others with a video demonstrating the unique ways your pet greets you when you walk through the door. Visit for details on how to submit their video.

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