Friday, August 31, 2012

Play Real Housewives: The Game

  Photo by Michael Rosenthal/Bravo 

We always thought it would be fun to be one of Bravo's Real Housewives for day. Although no one wants to admit it, it would be fascinating to be a table flipping, fashion mongering millionaires for just a few hours — wouldn't it? But since we haven't been able to get Lisa Vanderpump to be our BFF just yet, we'll have to settle for living out our fantasy via the new Real Housewives Facebook game.

The app let's you dive into the lifestyle right away and it promises that you can “play your way to the top of New York society.” You start by choosing from a few fabulous hairstyles (sorry ladies, there are no Kim Zolciak wigs included in the NYC version) and some hot outfits. And then you go on your tutorial quest — to meet Bravo Executive Vice President of Development and Talent and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen in a hip Manhattan nightclub. Then you get to dance with a clubber and chat up the hottest locals.

Of course along the way you need to accumulate some buzz and earn style and friendship points. And Housewives haters might find it hard to believe that you also have to load up on charm. Not surprisingly, you have to buy energy with diamonds.

The game is filled with shopping trips for clothes and cell phones. You can make salon appointments, sip cocktails on a rooftop bar and attend a festival in Central Park. If you need to get centered, you can even take yoga class. You can party on a yacht in the Hamptons and dine at Boathouse.

And there are the requisite chats with digital versions of the Real Housewives stars like the Countess Lu Ann. You even get to flirt with her studly French date, Jacques. But be careful not to upset her, the higher level of friendship you earn, the more access you get to special parties and quests. This is, after all, a popularity contest.

Needless to say you have to make choices along the way. Should you end an argument nicely or angrily? Your decisions will lead to varying results. The ultimate goal is “to keep your friends close and your Real Housewives closer.” This game isn’t for the faint of heart.

Play Real Housewives: The Game on Facebook.

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