Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Twilight’s Christian Serratos Designs Jewelry in Angela’s Honor

Photo courtesy of Christian Serratos

Fans flocked to theaters recently to catch the final installment of the Twilight Saga. True, most of the attention is focused on the romance between Bella and Edward, and the off-screen relationship of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson — but they have been surrounded by a strong supporting cast throughout the franchise.

Among those stalwart co-stars was Christian Serratos, who played Bella’s BFF Angela in all of the films. In a recent exclusive interview the 22-year-old actress talked about working on the movies and her new jewelry line.

When looking back on the Twilight experience, Christian recounted, “It’s been incredible. It’s been a big chunk of my growing up. I started on the movie when I was 18. So traveling and filming was great for me. And working with incredible directors and cast was just the icing on the cake.”

But throughout it all, Christian was also exploring her love of fashion. Along with her mother, Alicia, created Kisshy. A line of wire wrapped bangles that feature materials like Chinese black crystal, Swarovski and freshwater pearls. In tribute to the end of Twilight, Christian and her mom designed a special collection named after Angela.

Christian remarked, “I just wanted to have add a little Twilight in there. And I definitely wanted us to have a necklace or some piece that reminded me of that character — for me to still have Twilight in my life.”

Although she admitted that it was tough to say goodbye to the movies that helped make her a star, she’s excited to move on and proud of the work that was done. Luckily she had the premiere to help her make her transition.

Christian described the big event, “It was great. Seeing the fans for the last time was incredible. I went and visited them in tent city a couple of days before the premiere. And some of these fans have been coming to the premieres since the very beginning and you recognize them. We know who they are and it’s just great to know that you’ve had these people’s support for so long.”

While she didn’t wear a piece from the Angela collection to the screening, she did wear a bauble from her line. She noted, “I wore something from line but it wasn’t the Angela inspired piece. I wore a pair of drop earrings that I’m really in love with right now and I wore a Zac Posen dress.”

Perhaps she felt her look that night needed a little more edge. Christian described the overall vibe of Kisshy’s offerings, “The entire line is wire wrapped jewelry. I love Swarovski crystals so that’s what we mainly use. And we’re just trying to keep things as unique and fresh as we can. And right now the line feels very rock ‘n’ roll.”

But she conceded that her personal taste leans more toward the more romantic pieces. The items inspired by her Twilight character have a more feminine feel.

Still that hip rock vibe and girly flair are the perfect blend of the mother and daughter team. As Christian explained, “Me and my mom have totally different styles but somehow they mesh together really perfectly. She likes really architecturally interesting pieces – the bolder pieces. And I like more of the simple, feminine pieces.”

The result is a perfect fusion of styles. See for yourself on the official Kisshy website. And check local listings to find a show time of TheTwilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part II near you.

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