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Amy Weber Offers Redemption in Crossroad & Joy Through Her Music

  Courtesy of Amy Weber

Amy Weber’s fans might not know it by looking at her. But even though she was once named one of FHM’s sexiest women in the world, she had very unglamorous beginnings.

As she revealed in a recent exclusive interview, “I was born in Mapleton, Illinois, which is on the outskirts of Peoria, Illinois. And I was raised on a really small corn farm. The nearest house was literally like five miles away. So most of the time I spent outdoors being a tomboy and climbing trees. My dad really wanted a boy and he got me instead. So that didn’t stop him from raising me as a tomboy and I ended up racing motorcycles and doing a lot of boy activities.”

Yet she also discovered a love for acting at an early age, entering fine arts contests where she would deliver monologues when she was just five years old. She went on to the drama club in high school and while in college realized that she wanted to be a performer. So she packed her bags and moved to Hollywood.

She found success modeling and with a recurring role on Port Charles. But Amy realized she had other talents, so she started her own production company. These days she’s utilizing both her on- and off-camera skills as star and Executive Producer of the new film Crossroad.

Amy explained the premise of the film, “Crossroad is a movie about 12 strangers and they’re all at a particular crossroad in their life. They think in their mind that they know what path they’re going to take, but they all end up in this diner that gets robbed. So everything they thought they knew gets shaken up.”

But the movie also has a much deeper message. As she noted, “It’s just about forgiveness and redemption and having faith and really knowing that you’re not alone.”

The Son of a Beach star acknowledged that she’s at a place in her life where she wants to work on projects that have a purpose. She remarked, “When I came to Los Angeles, believe me, I would have loved to have jumped into a film like Schindler’s List, but that doesn’t always happen. You have to basically get your feet wet and you have to take jobs to get that experience… I had done other meaningful things. I had a really cute part on 7th Heaven and some other films that I thought were sweet movies. But this really had something that I felt was deep and meaningful.”

Yet acting and searching for a higher purpose aren’t the only things that drive Amy. She’s also a talented singer. Last year she released her first album Let It Rain. She recapped the success the CD achieved, “I’m so fortunate that it hit the U.K. pop charts. It went to number six on the U.K. pop charts. And then hit the Billboard Breakout Charts here in the U.S. at number four. And then hit the Billboard Dance Chart. And it’s doing really well and I love it.”

Weber always found solace in music — during a tumultuous childhood and a battle with cancer. As she admitted, “It makes me happy. Music really saved me in a lot of ways. It saved me when I was going through chemotherapy. It saved me when I was a kid.”

As a result, she feels passionate about making her own contribution to the craft. “I just like to give back to the things that helped me. And there’s nothing better than a really feel good, great song that when you’re having a God-awful day you just roll your window down and jam the music and you just forget for that three minutes what’s happening.”

Amy has big plans for her music in 2013. She’s set to release her new single “Dance of Life” with Grammy winning producers Jackie Boyz (Madonna, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown). And she’ll hit the road for a tour this year.

Find out more about Crossroad on the film’s official website. Learn more about Amy’s music on her website and follow her on Twitter at therealamyweber

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